Gillingham PC update

(April 2020)

4 March meeting. Agenda items discussed included:

Parish Ten — parishioners slot.

Eight members of the public were present. Questions were asked about what is happening with the field recently sold, near The Swan public house. Clerk to try and find out.

Once again, bin lorries have experienced difficulty in gaining access to properties at the Boundaries and St Michael’s School. Domestic bins were not emptied for four weeks and this is unacceptable. The Clerk to pursue this matter with South Norfolk District Council. Cars parked in front of driveways making it impossible to get out also an issue.  

Mrs Black had attended the footpaths seminar, she said, and would pass the parish council the information papers she was given. A question asked about permanent advertising on fencing – clerk to investigate. A request for a list of phone numbers on the notice board for easy access was made. There are a lot of numbers available so the clerk will make a few of the most used ones available.

Matters Arising – The village hall committee has located a copy of the deeds and is further investigating the trustee issue. Mrs Thrower confirmed that trustees included the owner of Gillingham Hall or his representative, the vicar and the chairman of the parish council.


Bus Shelter – The bus shelter is now in place but due to an oversight, the timetable frame and bus stop sign were not replaced. This is in hand and will be rectified shortly – apologies for inconvenience caused. The council also agreed to the purchase and installation of a rubbish bin. Suggestion that we might be able to attach it to the replaced bus stop pole.

The clerk asked if the council were happy for David Bracey to inspect the playground again this year. The council agreed.


Bungay Black Dog Running Club. The annual Bungay Marathon was planned to take place on Sunday, 19 April 2020, with a route passing through Gillingham. [Event postponed.]

Planning Matters

2020/0293 Boundary Farm, Yarmouth Road, Gillingham. Alterations to second floor landing area of a Listed building – no objections.

Any Other Business

Great Litter Pick planned for Saturday, 25 April. [Postponed].

Julia Punt, clerk to the council

(First published, 24 March 2020)

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