Help and Advice are a phone-call away

(April 2020)

A Message from the Chairman of
Kirby Cane & Ellingham Parish Council

In response to the Covid-19 outbreak, our Village Hall shut completely on Saturday, 21 March 2020 and Blossoms pre-school held their last class on Friday, 20 March.

In these worrying times can I ask residents to look out for any of their neighbours who are elderly or vulnerable. We are very lucky to have a local task force, led by Sarah Hanlan, which will collect medicines and do shopping for those in need. Contact Sarah on 07957-101601 or Jacqui Minns on 07887-536135.

If at any time a resident has a serious worry or concern, there are also helplines within the Parish Council. The contacts are:

Jane Love, clerk to the council, 01508-518375,

John Cook, chairman, 01508-5128301, mobile 07825-542634,

Mike Skipper, deputy chairman, 07860-323939,

All calls will be dealt with in a confidential and caring manner.

May I ask everybody, “Stay sensible and help one another”. Then we will get through these troubling times,

Best wishes to you all

John Cook (chairman)

(First published, 24 March 2020)