Geldeston Helpline

(April 2020)

Organised by the village Community Resilience Hub.

— 033-3335-5262 —

You can call the helpline about anything — Prescription pick-up, food delivery , books, games etc. You might just want to chat (not everyone uses emails, Facebook, Skype or WhatsApp).

Some of the Geldeston residents answering the helpline: David Smith, our new rector; Linda Rowntree, coordinator of our Community Resilience Hub; Loraine Loffstadt, member of the CRH team and chair of the Village Hall committee.

DO NOT HESITATE TO RING US — That’s what we are here for.


Just write on a piece of paper and show them through the window if you don’t know their telephone. This is a way you can help us get to those people who don’t do emails or WhatsApp.

Butcher delivering in Geldeston (01502-717145)

Bob Knight, the Beccles butcher, will be making deliveries in Geldeston on a Thursday. Ring your order in on the Wednesday before and pay over the phone.

Mandy’s farm shop (07949-813788)

Vegetables and fruit, eggs, cooked meals, cakes etc. Just ring and order and she has full hygiene actions going on and will drop at your door.

Wherry Inn fish and chips

Wednesdays, 12 noon to 2 pm, Fridays, 6-8 pm.

Pre-orders only — ring 07801-416778 or 07752-347471.

Card payments if you can; cash if you can’t.

Remember, keep a safe distance!


Wash hands before you unpack and then again after all these deliveries. If you can, use cards to pay.

The Community Resilience team in Geldeston have a small stock of supplies so make contact and we might be able to help you. Games and children’s toys as well.

Remember: we can’t help if you keep quiet and don’t get in contact.

“Get organised and care for each other”