The Green Project

(April 2020)

Over the last few weeks, visitors to the Green Project will have seen the approaching signs of Spring.  Daffodils and snowdrops have been in full splendour below the budding birches, rowans and other shrubs that line the pathways in this delightful space and the coconut fragrance of the vivid yellow gorse flowers floats in the air. 

The sad but hopefully temporary closure of the composting scheme has provided one glimmer of goodness, as the spare compost has been used to enrich the soil of the orchard trees, several of which are now in delicate bloom while others are putting forth stout buds, leading us to hope this year for a better harvest of fruit.

Allotments and Volunteers

Volunteers continue to work on the Green and recently a dog gate has been installed beside the vehicular entrance gates on Station Road, Geldeston.  Slowly the black plastic that once protected the saplings is being removed along with the plastic tree protectors.  Work also continues cutting back stray brambles that have encroached onto the Green.

There are eight active allotments at present and space for several more.  If you would like to rent one and grow your own organic veg, please contact Mrs Tina Page, clerk to the parish council, at

(First published, 1 April 2020)

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