A normal spring?

From the Editor

(April 2020)

Our village halls, pubs and churches are closed; the schools are closed until further notice; the Fisher Theatre is closed, the composting group has suspended its activities and buses pass less frequently through our villages.

To get us through the difficult weeks ahead volunteers have stepped forward in each of our parishes, offering help, advice and phone numbers to call: in Kirby Cane and Ellingham; in Gillingham; and in Geldeston, where there is a special helpline, run by villagers.

Yet, as one newspaper comments, “For the rest of nature it’s just a normal springtime.” Where wildflowers are encouraged to grow they have been flowering in abundance and birds are returning to our parts, as usual, from Southern Europe and Africa, even. Sometimes it almost seems as if nature is watching and waiting to see: What we will do now?

Understandably, everyone is fearful at this time, about the present and the future. Those with young families, and elderly relations; people who were working until recently and now must stop and wait. But amid these worries we could do worse than remember the poet’s advice: “A poor life this, if, full of care, / We have no time to stand and stare.”

As Easter approaches, look after yourselves, each other and the beautiful countryside around us.

John Crowfoot

A note to readers

Tidings will not be printed and distributed as usual for the next few months. Instead, it will continue in two forms: as an online publication here, and as a wall newspaper on parish noticeboards.

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