Gillingham PC update

Draft minutes of July Meeting

Agenda items discussed included

Parish Ten — Parishioners Slot.

No parishioners were online. As previously reported; parking on the grass area of The Street near Hemmants Way has caused the grass to become a muddy mess during the wet periods. The parish council appreciate that the parking is an ongoing problem but complaints have been received and Cllr Stone has agreed to look at ways to preserve the grass area. Highways are not able to get out and assess the area at the moment but further action will be investigated.

 Cllr Margaret Stone was particularly annoyed with reports in the EDP newspaper that gave misleading Covid Virus deaths in particular local areas and would encourage people to check what was published in newspapers for themselves. On a more positive note, Libraries were expected to open next week.

The Government are still financially supporting Covid restrictions and issues, but the County Council continues to struggle financially in general.

Village Matters.

Cllr Warman said that he had cleaned the Bicycle Path sign by Forge Grove bridge.

The clerk has reported the missing Geldeston Road sign but the SNC did not seem to think it was necessary to replace it – clerk asked Dist Cllr Knight to investigate decision.


Donations: The village hall (in lieu of rent) – £300.00.

Tidings Magazine – £100.00even though during lockdown the magazine was not being issued the parish council felt it was important to continue support of this important village resource.

St Mary’s Church – graveyard maintenance – the council discussed whether it was appropriate to issue funds as there did not seem to be much maintenance going on. The clerk was asked to investigate the Romanian Church’s intentions on this matter with regard to St Mary’s churchyard maintenance.


Request received regarding the protection of orchids on the bypass.

Any Other Business.


Please note:

as the ‘Zoom’ meeting is only 40 minutes long without having to pay extra for an extended meeting, there will be a short meeting held on Wednesday 12th August, 2020. This is to discuss the items identified for action during the Internal Audit of the accounts for 2019-2020.

There is no usual meeting in August and this one will be solely to discuss the accounts and the donation to the Romanian Orthodox church efforts to maintain the graveyard. Usual start at 7.30pm. Everybody is welcome to attend but previous contact with the clerk will be necessary to enable joining of the meeting via Zoom.