Geldeston PC Update (Nov. 2020)

At our November meeting a new Councillor Jane Hayward was co-opted. The Council now has its full team of seven councillors.

The Geldeston Mutual Aid scheme has kicked off again. Updates can be found on Facebook: Geldeston Coronavirus Resilience Hub.

New Playground

We are working towards funding for the Let’s Play Project, raising funds for the new playground. Funds are desperately needed. Although fundraising is difficult with the pandemic and lockdown.

Please support us with the fundraising Elf Trail (see poster).

The Locks

The Council was updated on The Locks Inn including a request of support for the application to the Plunkett Foundation’s “More than just a Pub” funding stream. There was a request for any other ideas of what the community what to see happen at The Locks email to ensure we are providing what the community want and also for future funding.

A community share scheme is being worked on and will be ready on the 1 December 2020. Shares will be £50 per share and UK income taxpayers will be eligible for EIS tax relief. There is a maximum invest of 1,000 shares (£50,000). It will be a democratic organisation with each. We are now working hard to meet the deadlines for the share offer Our bid for a grant from the Plunkett Foundation was well received but they have requested further evidence before their panel meets again.

Next meeting: Wednesday 13 January 2021

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Facebook: Geldeston Parish Council