Geldeston Village Hall

After a busy start to the year, we have unfortunately been closed since the start of the first “Lockdown”. As the majority of the Hall Management Committee and many regular users were classed as “Vulnerable” the closure had to be extended throughout the summer.

In October we were preparing to re-open for a limited number of functions and couple of regular groups. Sanitizer stations, signing and cleaning procedures were put into place and we were all set to go when the second lockdown descended upon us. We are forever hope full that we might be in a position to maybe run either a coffee morning or even a film before Christmas but, as we are all doing, we will have to wait and see. It would our delight to bring people together again in a cheerful, safe venue especially as we approach the festive season. Please keep an eye on the links below or even give us a ring to keep you up to-date.

We are always looking for “young blood” to help in the running of the Village Hall and if anyone feels that the skills they have could be put to good use it would be great to hear from you. We would particularly like to hear from any new arrivals in the area who would like to get involved in the local community. Please contact Loraine Loffstadt on 07778-559503.

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