Gillingham PC Update, November 2020

The Council was keen to emphasise the need to make sure that any vulnerable people were looked after during the impending Lockdown.

Funding for parish projects

The Parish Council is giving serious thought about what they intended to do with the CIL money that would be made available from the sale of the new houses on The Street. Some CIL money had been received and the Parish Council were keen to hear from parishioners regarding ideas of how the money should be used. There are restrictions on its use, but all ideas would be looked at.

A small pot of money from the District Council is available to share around for specific projects.

Fly tipped rubbish

on Dog Lane was reported. Clerk asked to see if any further progress has been made with Marsh Lane footpath.

Octogenarians Christmas list 2020

Any village resident who is 80 or over is eligible, please contact one of the parish councillors or the clerk to be put on the list.

Next Meeting: Wednesday 3rd February, 2021 Anybody wishing to attend will need to let the clerk, Mrs Julia Punt, know in advance.


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