Geldeston Litter pick 2020

The Spring litter pick was cancelled due to Covid-19. In the autumn, however, it was reinstated and the Geldeston Community Composting Group organised a rubbish collection of our roads and tracks on 24 September.

It was a fine day, and we were able to use the Sawn Pit as centre of operations, with homemade refreshments for the pickers as they brought their bags back. Pickers included the Loffstadts, Langrans and Ashes, Julie Dawnay, Catherine Bickmore, Rebecca Clarke, Jolyon Oxley, Rob Whitwell, David Shave, Sue Palmer, Gill Cracknell and Marcia Fenwick.

Much credit goes to the persistence of regular walkers and litter- gatherers during lockdown for reducing the amount to be collected compared with previous years, though the Boundaries track running downhill from Dunburgh is plagued by agricultural plastic shreds at that end and by cans and bottles where it meets the Old Yarmouth Road at the bottom. All glass collected, amounting to 4 dustbin bags, was added to the Geldeston glass recycling bin.

A big thank you to all who took part!

Marcia Fenwick