Geldeston PC update (Jan. 2021)

Wednesday, 13 January 2021.


The flooding over Christmas was unprecedented.  SNDC and NCC will be setting up Scrutiny Committees to review the flooding and the reasons behind it.  Geldeston Parish Council will be looking at great length as to how the flooding happened.  We also would like answers! 

Currently there appears to be six different agencies looking after certain areas. The sandbags have been dropped off and sited in the wrong place will be moved to the usual place.

Let’s Play

The Let’s Play Project has recently managed to do some fund-raising events:  raising up to £500, with Harris Flooring donating £20, Mandy’s donating £200.  Thank you very much to all involved.  We still have a long way to go until we reach the £70,000 required for the project.  Any donations will be gratefully received.

Field off Snakes Lane

In response to local concerns it was confirmed that the people who have rented the field off Snakes Lane since 1999, for horse grazing and riding, are currently undertaking the work to level it.  The riding area will be for private use, not commercial use!  They plan to renew the privacy fencing with post and barbed wire, there will be no flood lights installed, and no vehicles accessing it.

Budget and Precept

The parish council Budget and the next Precept [the sum requested from South Norfolk Council to enable GPC to discharge its various duties] were discussed. The precept will be raised slightly by 2.58%. This will increase Band D to £41.28 of the total Council Tax levied, representing an increase of £1.04 per household.


Geldeston village continues to have a litter problem, please help keep your parish clean of litter.  A letter will be sent to McDonalds, but the problem at the moment is they are operating a ‘takeaway’ service only.

Allotments on Station Road

Allotments and allotmenteers are increasing in numbers, well done.

If anyone has concerns and/or issues, please direct these to the Clerk:,

Parish Council website:                      

Next virtual meeting — Wednesday, 10 March 2021.