LOCAL helplines run by parishioners; in addition to NHS, etc., Helplines and Websites about Covid-19 and the present Lockdown.

National Lockdown, Stay at Home

(Gov.UK, updated 1 February 2021)


Kirby Cane & Ellingham

For those in need, for general help — prescriptions, shopping, etc. — call the local task force: Sarah HANLAN [07957-101601] or Jacqui MINNS [07887-536135].

For any official matters Call Jane LOVE [01508-518375], clerk to the Parish Council or email —

(And don’t forget Kirby Cane Post Office & Stores which remains open.)



Want someone to talk to in the New Lockdown?

Call 033-3335-5262, 8 am to 9 pm.

For regular updates, see here and our Facebook page

The Geldeston MUTUAL AID team is here to help

(formerly known as Geldeston Coronavirus Community Resilience Hub)