Village Clusters consultation (pt 1)

Ended Monday, 2 AUGUST.

Cluster 16: Geldeston, Gillingham and Stockton

“The cluster has a range of social and community facilities comprising a Primary School, village hall and a pub. There is also a shop, recreational facilities and a regular bus service. There is a petrol station and fast-food restaurant to the north at the A146/A143 roundabout.”

Cluster 22: Kirby Cane and Ellingham

“The settlement has a range of social, recreational and community facilities including a preschool, a Primary School, shop and village hall. There are several employment opportunities and a limited bus service.”


“Consultation on a key element of local planning policy, the South Norfolk Village Clusters Housing Allocations Plan (VCHAP) ends on Monday, 2nd August. The VCHAP is seeking to allocate sites for at least 1,200 new dwellings (over and above those that already have permission), distributed across 48 Village Clusters centred around the Primary Schools in South Norfolk. The preferred allocation sites are between 12 and 50 dwellings, reflecting the scale of the settlements which they will form a part of.”

Kirby Cane & Ellingham Parish Council report,
Tidings magazine (July-August 2021), p. 13


South Norfolk Council local planning team, phone number 01508-533805, email

For some more general documents on the Village Clusters Plan, see part 2 of this post