2021 Produce Show [2]

GELDESTON, Saturday 14 August 3-5 pm.

Flowers, Household, Children (Classes 24-41)

4. MARVEN KISTRUCK Cup (best exhibit in Flower classes)                                  

24Vase of 3 Gladioli
25Roses, 3 blooms, any varieties
26Dahlias, 6 blooms
27One vase of 6 Annuals
28One vase of 6 Perennials
29One  vase of Flowers for effect
30One Flowering Pot Plant
31One Foliage Pot Plant
32One Victorian Posy

5. LILIAN LANE Cup (most points in the Household classes)                                  

33Eggs (6 of one kind)321
34One pot of Jam321
35One loaf of Bread 2lb size321
36One two-egg Sponge321
37Rusks (plate of 6)321
38Shortbread (6 pieces)321
39Jam Tarts (plate of 6)321
40Novelty decorated Cake321

6. ALBERT WARNER Cup (best new entrant to the Show)

7. BETTY CROWFOOT Cup (best exhibit by Schools)                                    

SCHOOLS (under 11s)
41Vegetables or Flowers


2021 Produce Show [1] : Vegetable and Fruit classes