Sponsored Bike Ride, Saturday 11 September

Sponsor James Napier this year!

“All Saints Church, Kirby Cane will get 50% of the total I raise. The rest goes to the Norfolk Churches Trust.

“Norfolk Churches Trust’s Annual Bike Ride is a great way to raise money to support our county’s churches, and have fun while doing so! Visit as many churches as you can during the day — on foot, on bike, on horseback, canoe, or any other way you want to. Make sure you keep a note of the churches you visit, take loads of photos, and you might win a prize!

“Get your friends to sponsor you and then we will share the money you raise with a church of your choice. Over the years we have raised over £2million, and in 2020 we raised an amazing £175,000. More than in any other year. Let’s see if we can beat this in 2021!”