Our Special Awards

Major Eastick Challenge Cup Most Points in
the Vegetable & Fruit classes
PRHA Challenge Cup Best Collection of Potatoes
(3 varieties, 3 of each)
Robert Wilson Challenge Cup Best Exhibit in the Vegetable Classes
Marven Kistruck Challenge Cup Best Exhibit in the Flower Classes
Lilian Lane Cup Most Points in the Household Classes
Albert Warner Cup Best New Entrant to the Show
Betty Crowfoot Challenge Cup Best Entry from a School

For lists of our prize-winners from 1990 to 2017, click on the above links.

The names in all these lists come from the records of Mrs. Veronica Sweetman, who for over 20 years, between 1994 and 2015, was secretary to the Produce Show committee.



1 No exhibitor can show more than one exhibit in any class. Each exhibitor may enter no more than ten classes.
2 All exhibitors must be able to declare that their exhibit was cultivated or made by them.
3 Objections to any exhibit must be made to the show organisers before distribution of prizes. The committee’s subsequent ruling will be final.
4 To compete for Cups 1 and 5, exhibitors will be awarded the following points: 3 for each 1st prize; 2 for each 2nd prize; and 1 for each 3rd prize.