Ellingham & Kirby Cane Produce Show, 1984

To be held at the Methodist Church Room on Saturday, 8 September 1984.

— All exhibits to be staged not later than 10.30 am on day of Show.

— Viewing of Produce, 3 pm to 4.30 pm.

— Presentation of Awards and Sale of Produce, 4.45 pm.

The 33 classes for Vegetables, Flowers and Preserves and Cookery were open “to all amateur gardeners in Ellingham and Kirby Cane, also any member of the Committee not residing in either village.”

Entry was free and the Entry Forms were to be given to the Show Organiser and Secretary of the Village Produce Association Mr R.M. Lyne of Vagniacae, Mill Road, Ellingham “during the week prior to the Show”. Exhibits were not to be removed from the Show on 8 September until 4.30 pm. Any produce remaining would be sold by Auction “proceeds to Association funds and local chairities”.

In addition to the standard requirement that competitors entered “one exhibit only in each class, which must be grown by the Exhibitor except where stated”, the Ellingham & Kirby Cane VPA did not award Cash Prizes, handing out “Prize Cards for FIRST, SECOND, THIRD.”


There were 12 vegetable classes, ten flower classes and 11 “preserves and cookery” classes. In addition the schedule offered two recipes, Fruit Cake and Victoria Sandwich, for the cookery classes; anyone knew, apparently, how to cook “Six Suffolk Rusks” (both Ellingham and Kirby Cane are in Norfolk).

“If you have not previously been an Exhibitor,” reads the schedule, “please support our Show this year. We are all amateurs and our exhibits are as grown for normal use.”

The Show was organised by the Ellingham & Kirby Cane Village Produce Association and its Officers were Mrs C. Bardsley (Chairman) of Willow Cottage, Station Road, Ellingham; Mr R. Lyne (Show Organiser and Secretary) of Vagniacae, Mill Road, Ellingham, and Mr ?T. Dockra (Treasurer) of Nayland, Yarmouth Road, Kirby Cane.