Friday Night and Monday Morning


= At Moviola HQ, we thought we’d muscle in on the trend of keeping the wonderful community cinema spirit alive — even if we’re confined to our own homes. =

If you have the internet and a laptop / tablet / smartphone or smart TV you can also join in!

Every Friday, we’ll pick a suitable film and give you a link so that it can be accessible to watch by everyone.

We’ll then invite you to share your thoughts and comments on the film either by email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or WhatsApp using the hashtag #MoviolaTogether (don’t worry if you have no clue about hashtags.)

Pretend you’re at your local community venue; pull up a pew, pour your tipple of choice, grab the popcorn / tinned tomatoes / toilet roll and dim the lights!


We welcome your thoughts on the film — good, bad or otherwise —

but, PLEASE, give us more than one word: Tell us why!

As soon as you’ve watched the film:

  • drop us an email
  • join the WhatsApp group, or
  • post on our social media pages
  • or

You’ll see a post every Friday with the hashtag #MoviolaTogether for your thoughts to be posted.

On Monday afternoon, we’ll post a selection of your comments, posts and emails from our mailbags (we’ll just use your first name).

Don’t forget to include the name of your local Moviola venue at the end of your message!

We’ll also reveal our next film to take you on your film journey.

Keep in touch with us and let Moviola’s network bring everyone together.