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Material for the OCTOBER 2021 issue should reach the editor, Catherine Bickmore, by Friday, 17 September 2021.

Catherine’s contact details are: Tel. 01502-713384

The easiest format is a Word document (word, wordx, odt) sent by email; we can retype short entries. The only illustrations that work in the print edition are line drawings or simple logos. For the online edition photos, logos, line drawings are all acceptable if sent as a standard image file (jpg, png, etc); pdf files cannot be directly used.


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Tidings normally appears ten times a year, when it is delivered to over nine hundred households and businesses across our five parishes. The readership of the online edition is growing but does not currently have the same audience.

Our present advertisers are listed on the website, and in each monthly online edition.

Tidings Magazine is published by the Waveney Benefice (Group of Churches)


  • Advertisements in Tidings do not imply endorsement of the services offered.
  • Any views expressed by contributors do not necessarily reflect those of the Waveney Group.