Winners of Lilian Lane Cup (1990-2017)

for Most Points in the Household Classes.

1990 Mrs. Mary Taylor
1991 Mrs. Mary Tayor
1992 Mr. Robert Wilson
1993 Mrs. J Venn
1994 Mrs. Sibyl Bullock
1995 Mrs. Sibyl Bullock
1996 Mrs. Mary Taylor
1997 Mrs. Sibyl Bullock
1998 Mrs. Sibyl Bullock
1999 Mrs. Mary Taylor
2000 Mrs. Mary Taylor
2001 Mrs. Sibyl Bullock
2002-2003 Mrs. MARY TAYLOR
2004 Mrs. MARY TAYLOR =
Mrs. Sibyl Bullock =
2005 Mrs. Sibyl Bullock
2006 Mrs. Cili Couldhry
2007 Miss Anne Fuller
2008 Mrs. Sibyl Bullock
2009 Mrs. Sibyl Bullock
2010 Mrs. Cili Couldhry
2011 Mrs. Ruth Edmonds
2012 Mr. Tracey Cable
2013 Mr. Tracey Cable
2014 Mrs. Ruth Edmonds
2015 Mrs. Ruth Edmonds
2016 Mrs. Diana Wadley
2017 Mrs. Diana Wadley
2019 Joint first
Mrs. Diana Wadley
(Ellingham) and
Mrs Tracey Cable  

This cup, won many times herself since 1943 by Mrs Lilian Lane (1905-2010), was renamed after her in 2007.

For years, Mrs Lane was a member of the Produce Show committee, serving longer than anyone else. Among her many contributions, Lilian Lane always made the cake for the raffle.

To see lists for the other six prizes, go to Cups and Rules. The prize-winner comes from Geldeston, unless indicated otherwise.

Mrs Mary Taylor (//); Robert Wilson (1935-2013);