The PRHA Cup (1990-2017)

For the Best Selection of Potatoes

1990 Mr Anthony Reeve
1991 Mr James Taylor
1992 Mr Albert Warner
1993 Mr S. Piper
1994-1998 Mr ALBERT WARNER
1999 Mr. Michael Tuck
2000-2002 Mr ALBERT WARNER
2003 Mr. Michael Tuck
2004 Mr. Michael Tuck
2005-2008 Mr ALBERT WARNER
2009-2017 Mr ROBERT BROWN (Ellingham)
2019 Mr. Michael Tuck 

The cup for the best potatoes in the show was given by the People’s Refreshment House Association or PRHA.

This organisation ran the Wherry Inn from after the First World War until it became an Adnams tied house in the 1960s.

To see lists for the other six prizes, go to Cups and Rules. The prize-winner comes from Geldeston, unless indicated otherwise.

Anthony Reeve (1946-1997); Robert Wilson (1935-2013); Albert Warner (b. 1929)