The Robert Wilson Cup (1990-2017)

For the Best Exhibit in the Vegetable Classes.

1990 Mr. Anthony Reeve
1991 Mr. James Taylor
1992 Mr. Albert Warner
1993 Mr. S. Piper
1994-1996 Mr. ALBERT WARNER
1997 Mr. Michael Tuck
1998 Mrs. J Venn
1999-2002 Mr. ALBERT WARNER
2003 Mr. Michael Tuck
2004 Mr. Michael Tuck
2005-2007 Mr. ALBERT WARNER
2008-2013 Mr. ROBERT BROWN (Ellingham)
2014 Mr. C. Clarke (Ellingham)
2015-2017 Mr. ROBERT BROWN (Ellingham)

Renamed in 2017 in honour of Mr Robert Wilson (1935-2013), a regular competitor at the Produce Show and its longstanding auctioneer.

To see lists for the other six prizes, go to Cups and Rules. The prize-winner comes from Geldeston, unless indicated otherwise.

Anthony Reeve (1946-1997); Robert Wilson (1935-2013); Albert Warner (b. 1929)